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Cypress Cay's home irrigation is operated from a central control system. The system is automatic and nothing needs to be done by the homeowner. The central control system is controlled by a timer that turns on a different group of homes. The clock turns the irrigation on and off for each home using a preprogrammed schedule which provides adequate water, while maintaining proper pressure. The day and time of watering varies per household. The system will usually run during the evening and often while you are sleeping. The frequency of watering per week varies with the season and drought conditions. The clocks are programmed and maintained by a contractor hired by our management company. If you feel you are having a problem with your irrigation not coming on at all, or staying on excessively (longer than 10 minutes per watering), please contact our management company. If it is a central controller problem you as a home owner will not be charged. If the problem is with your equipment there will be a charge to you.

To insure a healthy lawn your irrigation system must be properly maintained. Although the homeowner need not worry about the irrigation scheduling they do need to maintain their irrigation heads. Your irrigation heads must be free of grass growth and their filters cleaned periodically. Broken irrigation heads exhibiting geyser like properties need to be replaced. Irrigation heads also need to be positioned at a proper level with regard to the grade of your lawn. They may need to be raised or lowered (more often rasied). You may need to hire someone to periodically do this maintenance. If you are handy and want to give it a try yourself or you just want to know what is involved, click on the following link to view procedures for Irrigation System Maintenance 

Post Office

A Post Office is now open in the Forum Shopping Center off Colonial Boulevard inside "Get Your Paint On", a paint your own pottery studio business. It is located at 3398 Forum Blvd, suite 112 in the plaza as you enter Home Depot. This convenient location just off Colonial Boulevard will provide full postal services at postal prices. The hours of operation for the Post Office will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This is convenient to Gateway resident and saves a trip to Page Field or Lehigh Acres. For additional Post Office Locations or Information click on the following Link USPS

Pool Access

The Cypress Cay Pool, Pavilion will be locked 24 hours a day and will require an access card to enter. If you have not gotten your access card, contact Compass Rose Management, our management company at 239-309-0622. Homeowners that are delinquent in paying their assessment will not be eligible for access to the pool or playground until they are brought up to date. Your personal Pool Access cards will not function when you are in a state of delinquency. Renters and Leasers need to have their homeowner contact the management company to authorize them to receive an access card. The access card will not work after pool hours when swimming is not allowed. Click on Pool Rules for more information. 

Lawn Care

A healthy lawn need more than irrigation. To learn more about your lawn and it's maintenance click on the following link. Lawn Maintenance 

Gateway Dog Park

Gateway Community Development District Dog Park provides a place for dog owners to let their pets run free safely and legally without a leash. The park is approximately one acre and located adjacent to the Sherman Soccer Complex. The dog park has two fenced areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. For more information visit the Gateway Dog Park web site page. 

Report Street Light Problems

You can report street light problems to FPL and they will fix the light in 5 to 10 days. To report a problem click on FPL Lighting Trouble Report and fill in the information form. Select Traditional as our street light style. Maintaining our streets light is a crime deterrent. 

Assessment Payments

Your community Maintenance Assessment fee is due monthly in the amount of $115.00. It is due on or before the first of each month. Payments received 10 days after the due date will incur a $25 late fee. Extended delinquencies can incur interest fees of up to 18% per year. You should receive a coupon book with mailing labels from our management company. Payments by checks should be accompanied by a coupon. Checks should be made out to "Cypress Cay Property Assoc., Inc.".

Garbage Days

Garbage may be put out Thursday evening. The pickup could be as early as pre-dawn on Friday morning. This is just garbage not including recycling. 

Horticultural waste and Recycling may be put out Wednesday evening. The pickup could be as early as pre-dawn on Thursday morning. "Horticultural waste" includes lawn, garden, and landscape clippings/refuse. 

All garbage and horticultural regularly scheduled collections that fall on weekday holiday will be collected a day later. Holidays affecting collection times are: 

Gateway RV Storage Lot

If you have a Motor Home, R/V Trailer, Truck for R/V Trailer, Pop-up Camper, Motor Coach, Motorcycles, Off-Road Bikes or Vehicle you would like to store please call the Gateway office to set up an appointment to store your vehicle. 561-1313 The Storage Lot is open for Gateway property owners, their tenants and guests. The cost for property owners will be $2.50 per foot / month. For more information visit the Gateway RV Storage web site page.