Neighborhood Watch

Cypress Cay participates in a Neighborhood Watch program. Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer citizen program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in the neighborhood. It involves Neighbors getting to know neighbors, being alert to potential crime, and being willing to look out for each other's interest. Strong neighborhood involvement and neighborhood unity can deter crime.


  • Leave your outside lights on during the night. This does help deter crime.
  • Keep your home locked when unattended. Use your dead bolt. Do not leave ground floor windows open.
  • Don't leave drapes or shades open after dark. Leaving drapes or shades open with lights on after dark allows the thief to peer into the house and get a clear view of what you have and if you are in attendance.
  • Keep your vehicles in your garage if possible. If not possible lock your vehicle and do not leave money, keys, garage door openers or other valuables in a vehicle in your driveway. Locking the vehicle is not sufficient when valuable are visible, since cars window has been smashed in the past to steal visible valuables. Even putting valuables on the floor or seats and covering them may telegraph that there is something valuable there. A GPS mount or even the suction cup ring on the windshield telegraphs the presents of a GPS.
  • Do not leave your "garage door opener" in your vehicle, while parked in your driveway. This can compromise your home security as well as you garage. Check to see if you and your neighbor's garage doors are closed, before going to bed. A friendly reminder may prevent vandalism.
  • Also report street light outages by clicking on the link on the: Info for Residents page. Maintaining our street lights is a crime deterrent.


Here is a link to the Lee County Sheriff's office Neighborhood Watch guidelines. It describes:

  • What is Neighborhood watch
  • Why Neighborhood watch
  • How to Organize
  • What are Neighborhood watch components?
    • What is Suspicious Activity?
    • How to Report suspicious Activity
    • Telephone Chain
    • Operation Identification
    • Home Security Surveys
    • Leadership
    • 911
  • Neighborhood Watch Checklist

If you see activity which warrants calling the sheriff directly the number is: 239 477 1000