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Archive of E-Mail Blasts

This section contains an archive of past E-Mail blasts sent to our subscribers. If you are not receiving these E-Mails, subscribe now to the Cypress Cay E-Mail list by clicking "Here" or go to the Forms Page and sign up. Not all Email will appear in this archive or may appear later than the Email blast. 

- "04/12/2013" Welcome Our New Management Co. 

- "01/17/2012" Crime Alert. 

- "07/26/2011" Nutsedge Problem. 

- "07/08/2011" Courtesy Notice. 

- "04/23/2011" ACC Requests. 

- "04/15/2011" Traffic Enforcement & Trespassing. 

- "04/11/2011" Pavilion Closure. 

- "03/10/2011" Wild animals. 

- "02/17/2011" Window problems. 

- "09/17/2010" Oct 1st WastePro Recycing Schedule Change. 

- "08/17/2010" View Entrance Way Lighting Reminder. 

- "08/14/2010" Michael Duda Commemorative Fishing Tournament. 

- "08/08/2010" Pool parking and another alligator sighting. 

- "07/28/2010" Alligator trapped. 

- "07/23/2010" Alligator sighting. 

- "07/10/2010" Various community happenings. 

- "07/12/2010" Hurricanes and the Oil Spill NOAA fact sheet on how they affect each other. 

- "04/13/2010" Friendly Reminder to maintain your lawn, shrubs and trees. 

- "04/09/2010" Lawn and ornamental care Discount. 

- "10/22/2009" For homeowner having window problems. 

- "10/22/2009" Coyote sighting in Gateway. 

- "10/14/2009" More neighborhood vandalism. 

- "10/07/2009" Neighborhood vandalism. 

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Lee County Road Construction

"The S.R. 82 Widening project multi-lanes the existing roadway to six lanes from Ortiz Avenue to south of Lee/Colonial Boulevard (C.R. 884) and reconfigures the intersection at Buckingham Road.  New traffic signals will be added at the Buckingham Road intersection and at the Forum Boulevard intersection. This project also includes widening the ramps at I-75 and installing new sidewalks, lighting and landscaping. Water, sewer and storm drainage will be replaced along the entire corridor. " For more information click onS.R.82 Widening Project 

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Gateway Revitalization Plan

This plan was presented on the Gateway web site and repeated here for your convenience. The "Gateway Revitalization Plan" was prepared to develop a long-range capital improvement plan for the Gateway Services Community Development District. As you review the plan please keep in mind the plan is a "DRAFT" and is "ONLY" in the beginning stages of a long-term plan. Estimated costs are "ONLY" to provide examples of what various upgrades, enhancements and/or replacements might be. Click on theGateway Draft Revitalization Plan to view. 

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Hurricane Information

The current active hurricanes Tracking and Forecast from the National Hurricane center. 

Tabulation of hurricane Category number wind speed and storm surge defined in the Saffir-Simson Hurricane Scale from the National Hurricane center. 

The following web site is intended to inform the public about the hurricane hazards and provide knowledge which can be used to take ACTION. This information can be used to save lives at work, home, while on the road, or on the water. Go to the Hurricane Preparedness Web Site 

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